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Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer

Steri-Vac Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer (ETO Gas Sterilizer) are engineered to provide safe systems that are easier to use than gas tank systems. Our easy-to-handle, single-dose EO (ethylene oxide) Cartridges reduce the potential for gas leakage and EO (ethylene oxide) exposure. Engineered to provide operator safety, the canister is punctured only when the chamber door is sealed and the proper vacuum has been drawn inside the negative pressure sterilizer chamber.

  • System offers easy, cost-effective and efficient sterilant for ethylene oxide sterilization.
  • Precise usage of EO with single-dose cartridge means no sterilant waste.
  • With Steri-Gas cartridges, operators have no bulky, heavy gas tanks to handle, and no hoses, valves and filters to adjust or replace.
  • Contain no CFCs or HCFCs to provide low-temperature sterilization that's more compatible with the environment.
  • No special disposal (normal non-incinerated waste).

Applied Range

Medical Device:

Injector , infusion equipment, surgical gloves, various catheter, oxygen breathing apparatus ,suture ,operation kits, anesthetic facilities ,medical dressing , endoscope, cardiac pacemaker, dental device, heart-lung machine etc.

Health Care Article:

Women sanitary Towel, Napkin, Disposable Chopsticks, Disposable Dishware

Medical Material and cosmetic:

Chinese medicinal plant, capsule, western medicines and partial cosmetic articles etc.

Culture Goods and Currency Bibliographic files, books, and paintings, cultural relic, currency and herbarium etc. Clothing, leather, pelage, and fur, spices, chemical fiber, Terylene etc.

ETO Gas Sterilizer
ETO Gas Sterilizer

Features of product :

  • The whole set is heated by a hexahedral way to assure the uniformity of temperature.
  • The whole sterilization process is monitored automatically throughout the process by the industrial control unit (ICU)
    • Two operational modes,i.e.,automatically control and manual control are available
    • Automatically control the EO to input temperature in order to assure the adequate gasification of EO
    • With a friendly man-machine interface
    • The sterilization parameter can be set random as the using situation
  • Automatically control the on/off of the door(translation type) and automatically inflating and sealing.
  • Machine doors:Easy to operate,usage safety
Ethylene Oxide Scrubber Systems
Ethylene Oxide Scrubber Systems
The process :
  • Working principle
    • The EO gas is pumped into the pickling tower, and be absorbed, massive contact and reacted with the acid liquid, then formed glycol. It react as below C2H4O+H2O-C2H4(OH)2
  • After the treatment system,the clarify rate for the EO is more than 99.9%
  • The treatment system is customized according to customers' requirements and the local governments' standard. Different requirements with different projects. About the consume of the ACID LIQUID, ALKALI LIQUID, WATER AND OTHER CHARGES are prefer to the real project.
  • There are two main factors must be controlled: The PH of the acid liquid and the degree of the saturation for the glycol.
    • The acid liquid is generally 1%~5% dilute sulphuric acid, the PH is less than 1.5, if bigger than this,there needs add the acid. Generally 1m3 water can absorb a determined value EO, when the EO consume is bigger than this,there need change the acid liquid in the acid tank.
Laboratory Eto Sterilizer
Laboratory Eto Sterilizer

Product features :

Temperature continuous monitoring

Normal temperature is maintained at a selected temperature +3oC, once the temperature sensor detects the offset a predetermined temperature 4oC, then the over temperature protection device will automatic start, and the writing mention temperature anomaly and alarm.

The humidity control
The sterilization process the humidity sensor open and display. According to the humidity value set, many times uniformly make the humidification, ensure proper humidity.

Minimum residual gas and dilute it

When the sterilization process to the end of a cleaning automatically enters in the residual gas cancellation (fully guarantee the sterilized articles EO residues to the lowest). In the set time, use the hot air cancel the residual gas.